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I agree with you 100% on this. This thread seemed to me as just teasing new traders!

To me a “Trading System” by definition should be every detail of the trading…the entries, the exits, MM, Trade management, risk-reward ratio. Without such details it is not a system and should not be in this section. Based on all these details it can be tested and verified in different ways. It can then be concluded that a system works or it does not work.

That said, I am not saying there is no value for this thread and what Dimdel shared with us. I did get a lot of value from what he shared, I just think this thread should not belong in this section of the forum (I am sure there are many more) It just misleads you into believing something that does not exist. With thousands of threads on FF, and thousands of posts in each thread…its frustrating to new traders to spend time reading and understanding a system that actually does not work nor it is a complete trading system.

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