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Well done young man/lady!

The reason for my original post of GBPJPY was to show PRICE at STRONG RESISTANCE and to get feedback on what traders would do/are doing.

First, you have too many support and resistance levels on your TRADING chart. When you are learning PASR, you need ALL the support and resistance levels you can find – but not for trading. Your TRADING chart should only have resistance above/at where PRICE is now and support below/at where PRICE is now. See examples on my charts.

Week ending January 26, 2018 is the current Weekly Control Candle.

Now I am not sure if we can see some higher highs in the Dragon

What is the “”Dragon“”?

you think GBP is running out of steam and we could see a deeper retracement?

Remember, I do NOT spoon feed and I, along with every other trader, CANNOT predict what the Market will do. All we can do is identify the support and resistance levels where PRICE can go and then WAIT and WATCH for the footprints from the Big Boys and then FOLLOW them in accordance with PASR.

Do not want to do the same mistake again when I exit my trades too soon, when I’m looking for longer term opportunities but also do not want to sit too long and lose everything I worked on

This tells me YOU don’t have a PLAN. If you had a PLAN you would have already TAKEN ACTION in accordance with that PLAN.

PLAN THE TRADE then TRADE THE PLAN! Never, ever put on a trade without this!

This also tells me you are being hit with an attack from your Little People which further tells me you are trading a REAL live account with your hard earned money. Find all my posts on Trading Psychology and make sure you READ, LEARN and UNDERSTAND them. Particularly look for those on GREED which YOU are suffering badly from.

This further tells me you are not as far on The Path as you think and you should get back on it before you think of trading again.

What other PASR traders have done is ALREADY taken profit on the majority of their positions when that STRONG RESISTANCE was reached.

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