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All that I said in my post was: Here is a good example using the TDI Red Green Post#25. The price fell but the TDI still showing hook up…

That TDI Red Green was the same TDI version which Big E used for his trading.
If you use another version posted in this thread , your results may be very different.
And if you are still losing money, then you must post your trade chart and let the members see and try help you.
And one very important thing when you trade with that TDI version from Post#25, i.e. when you have open trades, you must not refresh your trading charts because you follow Big E rules in using the TDI for exit. Big E did not refresh his charts when he had open trades. Read his posts carefully and do not read selectively.

I know many of you are still struggling with trading the way Big E did. I know because I have tried and tested many things over the past 6 years.
I learn many of these issues and problems from X-Man and LE1 threads.

Give yourself a chance to trade better in 2018 and stop losing your hard earned money.

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