Frank08NJ replies to: I will code your EAs and Indicators for no charge


Hey expert coders,
I have a small issue in my indicator about no. of decimals points display. Can you please help me out. Thanks.

For few currencies (sometime, not always ), digits displayed are erratic.
Broker mt4 displays 5 digits.

Code snippet, for NZDUSD,:
NormalizeDouble(XYZ, MathMin(4,MarketInfo(TradePairs[i],MODE_DIGITS))) displays 0.69510000000001
NormalizeDouble(XYZ, MathMin(5,MarketInfo(TradePairs[i],MODE_DIGITS))) displays 0.69504999999999
NormalizeDouble(XYZ, MarketInfo(TradePairs[i],MODE_DIGITS)) displays 0.69504999999999

same code for most other currencies, display properly…

Please check and let me know, what I have been doing wrong.

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