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Even Snarly Jack said that all you need is PA, and to make trading perfect, I can say all you need is PASR.

This quote is taken from the time I needed indicators to tell me what to do. The next post after SJ’s was one of mine, and looking at it now, it is very clear to me that I did not really need the TDI to tell me to buy there, nor the guppies, nor the PAC. The setup was pure PASR: IB breakout at support. That does not mean I consider the TDI, the APBs and the guppies + PAC as useless, it only means that there will be a time when certain TMS traders will understand that those tools are only confirming the PA, nothing more than that. And if we know how to read the PA and we can spot S/R areas where the PA forms, we can trade naked.

Alongside Emmanuel, SJ was one of the traders who I had the pleasure of learning from.

The big key to Tms is being able to read the Apb’s! Look for pin-bars, inside bars different price action set-up’s’

My version/addition of/to SJ’s words would be: The big key to TMS is being able to read the Japanese candles! Look for hammers/shooting stars, inside bars and MC, BUOB/BEOB, BUEB/BEEB set-ups, all occurring at S/R areas!

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