Five notable 2018 Paris motor show concept cars


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Renault EZ-Ultimo

Honestly, we’re a little disappointed in Renault. It didn’t blow us away at its home show. However, as far as radical, far-out concept cars go, this one… technically succeeds.

It’s a self-driving apartment, basically, measuring 5.8 metres long, with seats for three people – one armchair and one two-seater bench.

The “neo-retro” cabin has dark green leather upholstery, marble inlays that are just 30mm thick, and a flat floor covered in walnut wood with a herringbone pattern. The exterior canopy has a white ceramic faceting said to be inspired by Parisian apartment mouldings.

Imagined to be a Level 4 autonomous vehicle, the EZ-Ultimo can drive in urban and highway settings along roads with high-definition road maps, and wirelessly connected vehicle infrastructure, such as traffic lights, toll booths and information services.

According to Renault, the EZ-Ultimo’s drivetrain has an electric motor driving the front wheels, four-wheel steering, and wireless charging. The company hasn’t provided details about the car’s range or performance. That’s because it’s a pipe dream.

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