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A couple of suggestions. Would be nice if the EA had a setting which would allow you to use an arrow on a smaller timeframe as a trigger/confirmation for trade entry. For example, if you could use a green/up arrow on both the 15/30 min timeframe as a requirement in order for ea to buy on 240 chart. You’d lose a bit of the reversal, but still if you can catch a change on a 30 min chart that begins a reversal on the 240 then you would hit profit target.

Also, with the martingale strategy, would be nice if instead of buying steadily on the way down it would only increase 1 time per fib support level. So, if for example system took an entry at s38, there would only be 3 more fills, one each at s61/s78/s100. I would just like to see some sort of damage control in the event that a long trend is beginning and the ea is trying to sell a currency that is strengthening accross 5 or 6 different pairs.

I’m also a bit confused how the EA enters trades. I have the exp adv running on 24 pairs, including AC, AJ, AN, AU, EA, and GA, and yet the only pairs that it has opened trades on is AN overnight. It opened 13 long trades starting at 6/14 12am gmt. Adding new postions on the way down. Yet I have the settings the same on all pairs. Why did it only open trades on AN pair? Can anyone explain? And despite being on 4 hour timeframe, it added 7 positions in one 30 minute timeframe. I just don’t understand why it put on so many trades while not a single other trade has opened in any other Aussie pair.

I would like to also have an option for a time delay before the ea adds another position. Perhaps 12 hours or 24 hours?

Happy Eid Aziz! Have a great holiday!

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