dukas_trader replies to: Does 100 lots move the market?


now you got it baby!
thatswhy my answer is correct.

you are new in trading, have no real trading experience, are only demo trader with losses, so you know nothing.

lets real trader speak about such topics!

and funny, excatly because of your reason, all your basic in your fraud thread where you tried cheat people and scam for money and was exposed very fast, exactly there you speak you have the otc orderbook from all brokers….. you little cheater, and not only this, you also know where all stop order are situated, and your fraud was to sell this cheated indicator to idiots….

oh boy, you are really the last loser of the shame list! exposed, desproyed but you try and try to not look like an idiot, so you can sell maybe later to the last 5 extrem idiots in your thread.

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