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Highlights of the latest Market Research release.
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Sharp moves and rapid changes returned to the market in the past period, making the observed indexes post less impressive final results, but allowing six of the eight measure to break out of the 0.50% range.

The weeks most conspicuous indexes were the Loonies and the Pounds measures, which dominated over their peers for most of the period.

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After one relatively tranquil week, the markets volatility returned to solid levels.

Most of the turbulence came from the Yen, the Aussie, and the Kiwi, which posted volatility medians of 0.044%, 0.040%, and 0.038%, respectively.

The most tranquil currency, in turn, was the Euro with the reading of 0.032%.

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The observed pickup in volatility did nothing to affect correlations, and the past period saw only two of the selected combination shift their weekly medians more than 0.10 points away from the monthly values.

Unsurprisingly, both of the combinations that reported notable changes in the bonds contained the Canadian Dollar, which experienced several strong movements during the week.

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