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Well, I got busted around 300K
No joke. But the risk was EXTREME!
It is doable. But the problem is that only the martingale systems can get you there, and it makes sense only up to some point…

You can study lots of systems which can make much more than 33% per month, right here on FF
…check TEs like Guranmax (FF erased it, it was totally outrageous, guran has made over 2,000,000%) Not-KPMG, HabibiForex… they can make over 1 million percent profit ! …but they all have been busted in one last trade (martingale is extreme!)

But it makes sense after all, you know.
Because you can make 1M, but if you lose, you lose only $30!

…come on, let’s play it folks, any addicted gambler can find $30 every month for fun, right? …if you win the martingale series…..hehe

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