Cross Country: BC eager to race


Next Tuesday’s home meet for the Banks County High School cross country teams will be the first time in a month that either team has competed in a race.

So far in 2017, the teams have competed in only one race. Weather has cancelled the other two races.
“Since it will be our first meet in a while, I think we will have (some) who are a little rusty, but at the same time a lot of the kids are excited to finally get to race, so I think we will see good results from several,” head coach Will Foster stated.
Due to construction, the teams’ course will be altered next week. Foster added he’s not sure what times he will see because of the change. He will tell his squads to “concentrate” on placing and having good races.
When the season started, the teams were facing injuries. With the extended time between events, most of the injuries have healed, Foster said.
“We still have a few small things going on, but nothing that will keep any of the guys or girls from racing and racing well,” he explained. “Early season is prime time for small injuries just because of all the transition going on with the kids starting school again, and the surfaces, and times they are running, change.”
The teams only missed one practice last week due to Tropical Storm Irma. Foster called the season “weird” because of the weather cancellations of two of the three meets.
“The way I am handling it is asking the kids to be process oriented,” Foster said. “I want them to find confidence in the practices and workouts that they are able to complete and base their confidence in that instead of race results.
“Sometimes this can be hard to do when the kids want to compare their times to others they have seen. As a (coach), I just have to remind them that the important meets are not until the end of October and early November, so right now we will focus on being as close to perfect as we can in our workouts and draw some comfort and confidence from those accomplishments and not race results.”

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