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Hi Guys,

As promised attached herewith my latest backtesting result for 3.46v. Unfortunately I just come to realise that my modelling quality is very low after taken days to complete the testing on 5m chart. Can anyone advise how should I obtain free quality data for testing as I’m not an expert on this backtesting?

Anyway here are my findings so far:-

EA seem work well trading according to MA trendline (or bollinger bands?) with a minor flaw that it still can incurred a left out open trade when market is going opposite direction resulting large DD despite trailing stop was applied as default settings.
The pros is that it wont allow trades on opposite market direction when there’s a DD incurred so as to minimize the DD level. The cons is that it does not know how to hedge/ contra off the lost trade with trades that were on the right market direction (bmcgowra idea seem not implemented successfully yet)

Another interesting findings when i run this on forward testing as well, I can still get lost trades even though EA is trading on the right direction. I believe this is something to do with the trailing stop default settings?
Currently in my forward testing, I got caught up between both buy sell trade left open with moderate DD. As a result no further new trades been taken by the EA at this point which is gonna be slow turn over.

My backtesting seem given much promising result than my forward testing but still it has huge DD towards the end (But then my quality modelling is low hence result is not too reliable)
The only point I quite convinced is that this new EA wont easily blow your account away given the fact that I was begin with 0.10 lot size with high volatility pair and it still managed to complete my backtest period for 8 months in 5m chart regardless of the quality data.

Here are some of my queries I need to get clarity:-

The current version shows 2 separate fields for spread. I’m not sure how should i set for the max spread config now since both display at different decimal point.

Must this EA applies with trailing stop so as to minimize number of open trades or can I set false to trailing stop ?

Does the hedge option still working because I was told that trailing stop and hedge function does not work well together on previous version?

Hope rodolfolm or anyone of u guys can help address my queries soonest possible and appreciate for the support given.

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