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Hi jswnz, i will say you the painfull TRUE. I was surprised of the no interest of the members, but professionnal traders are not in the majority, like in real life, 1 to 5 percent. For the most, trading is a hobby, and an hobby cost money.

I’m sorry to see good programmers experimenting with hundreds of strategies, all more ridiculous than others. They are like lab rats in a labyrinth. I have tried to create a team, but most are too busy, programming EAs based on losing strategies on the long term.
I know a good programmer who spent 7 years, full time, looking for the grail before he gave up, discouraged. He would have done better copying profitable strategies from professionals.

Professionnals traders use 3 or more timeframes, they use the only vantage they have on big banks and big hedge fund, it’s the easy entry with moderate sizing of the lots to follow trends like a pilot-fish, this gives big a reward risk with high probability of succes. MTF is not an option for professionnals!
They can’t effectively see their stratgies on paper trading, and can’t backtest.
(example: if a cross occur on H4 or H1 graph and they take position on a retracement on M15 or less, it’s not possible to say if the conditions were good in the highers timeframes)

True MTF can easily avoid tens and more of useless coding and backtests, the TRUE MTF indicators are perfect for paper trading, to understand the interaction of cycles between the differents timeframes, confluences, recurrence, anomaly.
A lot of standart indicators are not coded for MTF backtests, and they see the futur in this case, the majority of MTF indicators on internet repaint the higher timeframes, some are vicious and interpolated and of course repaint.

For now i have done 18 indicators TRUE MTF, and it’s not the end, for now SMA(+HiLo), EMA(+HiLo), CCI, Stochastic(+signal), RSI, TDI, TRIX(+signal), Disparity-index, KST(+signal), TRIX(+signal), MACD(+signal), BBands(+HiLo), McGinley, Momentum, StdDev, Envelopes, ZeroLag MACD(+signal), ATR.
I made them to be as fast as possible, i reuse previous calculations as much as possible, the goal is to make them faster and less memory consumer than the original non MTF, so they can be used on live.

I want to help non-professionals if the strategy is good, with true MTF indicators, i can see this easily without coding, i do not have any illusions about profitability of non professionals.

To return to the subject, your strategy is like this graph?

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