corrman replies to: Pivot Trading


The advices given by Davit in the past few days have been quite effective
to make me begin change my mind “slowly but surely”

-Over the weekend i realised that getting to know only a few currencies only, is much better than the so called 30 pairs Post 15,528
-Also using the pairs with less margin is something wise to do of course Post 15,065
-Aud and Cad pairs seem to be Davit’s favo cup of tea Post 15,069 and looking back at the journal of my trades
i saw i didn’t do that bad on those pairs too_
-Last and not least the “Swing Factor” and calculating how much a swing is worth, do the math and act accordingly has been a great help Post 15,492

Results is i have reduced from many pairs to a few based on some parameters i like the most…
Still of course tempted to look at the pairs i have excluded, (Fear of Missing Out_M.Douglas) and again realising that the psychological side of the trading
is the one i need to put more effort on_

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