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Looks like you could be right! (see attached screenshot)

I don’t want to waste a lot of time testing this exhaustively, but I suspect that every time price causes the DC to widen, to accommodate a higher higher or lower low, then Flatliner repaints accordingly. That way, it appears impressive, apparently finding turning point extremes (albeit in hindsight).

Given that there are a zillion indicators out there to potentially choose from, I can only marvel at how you managed to figure this out. And the setting of 200, on top of that. Amazing work!

So it would seem that either we have a massively improbable coincidence…… or Flatliner’s origins have little to do with physics.

Here and here are two interesting links, also.

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[EDIT] Hmmm, zigzag seems to work pretty well, too (with ‘suitable’ settings)……….

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[EDIT 2] I’m pretty sure now that Flatliner is nothing more than a repackaged Zigzag. Below are GBPUSD,D1 and USDJPY,M5 charts with Zigzag’s settings at 24,12,3 and Flatliner’s at 3,12,24, and every turning point is identical on both charts.

And as a final proof, a AUDUSD,H1 chart with Zigzag’s settings 12,5,3 and Flatliner’s 3,5,12. Perfect alignment once again, on EVERY turning point.

No NASA, no physics, no python code, no Flatliner……. just use Zigzag and get the same result!

Myth busted.

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Folks, read Symphoenix’ background explanation in post #1, and decide for yourselves how likely it would be that “few months” worth of research into NASA-based “spectral filtration” physics from a “sub-unit” of his company’s “Physics Department” looking into the “latest financial theories” somehow managed to reproduce the exact same signals as the Zigzag indicator……. or whether it’s more likely that he merely spent a few minutes coding a MT4 indicator with an iCustom() call to Zigzag.

Decide for yourselves whether he’s telling the truth or not.

My suspicions are aroused whenever I see an indicator generating signals that appear too good to be true, an unduly eye-catching thread title, or somebody claiming that some extraordinary research has gone into an indicator or EA. Here we have all of them. I immediately start searching for a possible commercial motive, i.e. why somebody would go to such trouble to establish a superior level of credibility.

And…… bingo! I see that Symphoenix is actively selling MT-related products through the mql5 store. So at the very least, he should be a commercial member here. At worst, you need to decide for yourselves about his trustworthiness.

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