Citroen focusing on ‘design and comfort’


“It’s easy to use, it’s comfortable to use, you got the technology that is right for you, not too much technology, just the right amount,” she said.

“If you think about comfort, I get into my car I am physically comfortable but in my mind I am also comfortable because of the driving aids, I know that I got security with an SUV for example, but I also know that I have the convenience because I can go and configure my car.”

Ultimately, according to Jackson, the focus for upcoming Citroen vehicles will be to take the stress out of driving, not just in the physical sense, but also in the after sales experience.

“Comfortable, easy and relaxed, that’s what we are trying to get to. A relaxed experience because this world is chaotic enough without creating even more tension. so let’s try and take the stress out.”

Does the concept of more ‘comfortable’ Citroen models appeal to you?

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