ciprobay replies to: ALERT set to go off every 5 minutes


This is the programming section and the help I asked was for a tool, not to be patronized by someone who’s opinionated like the rest of the know-it-all herd about other people’s choice of time frame, as if I’m walking through mud while you’re floating on a cloud. That’s your uneducated assumption and you just couldn’t resist letting me know about it.

As for your contribution, thanks I guess, but I don’t see how it improves anything and I doubt you understand or paid attention to what I really was looking for, namely something that alerts me for a quick 2-3 second glance at my charts every 5 minutes and then back (without the push of any buttons) to my other non-profit tasks. Yes, I’m a multitasker, not suffering from ADD.

I’m not the best diplomat and my honesty sometimes get me in trouble, but since I found your tone arrogant, not to mention annoying, I didn’t really want to reply to you, because I don’t like to waste my precious time on Earth with people I get uncomfortable around. However, you did contribute with something and I want others to know that if they contribute, I will reply and show my gratitude, so I had to write you back. And since I had to write you back, I had to also tell you what I think about your off-topic remarks, because that’s how I roll.

Communication between us two ends here — forever. Even if you could find me what I want, I’m not interested in receiving it from you, so please refrain from replying to me again — at all.

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