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In the past, I have seen the same thing between demo accounts and live to demo accounts on same broker.

The EA runs the same code on all Brokers. I found that different results can be from connectivity to server (Latency Times) issues and/or Spread and Stop Level settings by broker. It only takes 1 pip to make or miss a trade signal.

Demo and Live accounts by their nature will never have identical results. Demo can have more static spreads and Stop Level, while with Live account these are always changing. Also, Demo accounts are direct market feeds, while Live accounts are through Broker’s Bank to Market. This effects latency times and Broker’s live account server can refuse order calls during high volume periods. This is the nature of Live account trading.

I have run 2 Live accounts on separate PCs, on same broker, same EA, same settings and had different results.

But let me add that even if u run your EA on 2 Real accounts in 2 Terminals on the same computer, then you will still likely have subtle differences… There are several technical reasons for the differences – each Terminal will receive a slightly different Tick stream, each Terminal will experience slightly different latency/timing issues and for each Terminal the broker’s server might behave differently when processing requests…
You also need to be aware that the candle time in the hst file is defined by the server time…if the demo server clock is not synchronized to the same source clock as the live account server then the same price feed will still result in differing hst files as the Open and Close value for each candle will occur at a slightly different market time (not the same thing as server time unless the server clock is perpetually synchronizing) for small time-shift errors and can result in the high and low values being incorrect as well if the time-shift is large and the data ends up incorrectly captured as belonging to neighboring candles.
Years ago this was a huge issue with customer’s demoing IBFX because the demo server timestamp was nearly 3 minutes (!) off from the live server. M1 candles on demo accounts were entirely stamping at a different time than the live accounts…this condition persisted for months and accumulated a lot of feedback in their forums. Moral of the story is don’t assume that even the large(r) brokers are on top of everything.
Demo accounts will never be the same as live accounts if the broker is running price feeds off of different servers, everything involving loading dynamics and hardware configuration specifics can and will be different.
This will be the same if running on a VPS because the same problems will be there because I also run on a VPS and have different results between demo and live account.

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