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Hello Everyone,

I will be attempting to keep a log with my trades analysis for learning purposes.
The trades will be made in my live account. I plan to use those trades for learning purposes, especially the losing ones.
My trading strategy is based on limit orders. So, they will be posted BEFORE it triggers.
In some cases the trade might not be triggered, or be canceled due to change in market structure.

I don’t chase trades. They either come to me, or no deal. This usually gives me a better R:R.

Price action Market structure.
My goal is to understand what price is doing and where is going. I use a “top-down” approach to my analysis.
I rarely use any TF below 1H, unless I’m trying to find a better entry from an on-going impulse move.
I use no indicators.

Everybody is welcome to post and share their ideas here as long as you follow 3 simple rules:

Rule #1: No hindsight trades.
Win or lose we are here to learn from our mistakes. You can only learn when you accept you are wrong. So be transparent, nobody is here to judge you.

Rule #2: Be respectful.
I won’t tolerate bickering and “cock fight”. Therefore, leave your ego at the door.

Rule #3: No indicators EAs. Keep your chart clean.
I have no interest in your Christmas tree charts or flashing indicators. I’m not here for clubbing or the holidays.

Let’s Get to it!

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