bumb replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!


You have influenced my thinking about Life in general in a special way. Hard work is the trend in the right direction. Questions are the answer.”


“I was a little bit dissapointed when u have left the Cryptospace because you have acted different in contrast to 99% of twitter. I dont know if you are really the one i mean, but i feel it 😉
funny how our ways have crossed.”

Sorry bro,

I am not that person. Ppl here have mistaken me for all kinds of other persons, again, sorry to disappoint. I am not keen on crypto (I predicted the bitcoin crash).

“I will study all of your videos.”

Good idea.

“Its so hard to find quallity content and no scam.”


“Do u think Cryptomarkets works exactly the same like forex?”

By now, I am pretty confident that the absolute SAME SM algo principles are applied there.

“You are pure inspiration, love to you.”

Thanks a lot, dear.

Stay safe.


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