BudSpencer replies to: The best Pairs to Trade?


Hi all. Personally I don’t think there’s a “best” pair to trade – it’s a matter of what you’d rather. Barring news/economic events, some pairs have better trend movements than others, some range a lot more, etc. etc.

IMO – you should trade what is convenient to you. My issue is I’m fairly new to Forex and I don’t know which pairs I can trade at the times of the day that I’m awake.

My timezone is -5GMT and EUR/USD seems to be more active during the 2AM-8AM period for me. I don’t mind USD/JPY while a lot of persons I’ve spoken with seem to dislike it.

The suggestion I’d make from a newbie point of view is to pick a few pairs and learn them. That way you know their patterns on the technicals and have an idea of what to expect on the fundamentals.

I’ve attached a few screenshots just to show – it doesn’t really matter the pair you trade. You can make profit off any of them. The spread/swap/technicals/fundamentals may affect how things go, but you just need to find your trading system and stick to it.

My two cents.

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