BMW would ‘love to build a supercar’


Despite shutting down the idea of a BMW dual-cab, Klaus Frolich, board member for BMW Development, wasn’t so quick to rule out a supercar or hypercar – certainly not if he can exert his influence on the bean counters, anyway.

Frolich smiled when posed the question by Australian journalists, with the suggestion influenced by the Mercedes-AMG One hybrid hypercar. Would BMW consider entering a segment in which it’s never previously shown interest?

“That’s a hard question for me, because I am a car guy,” Frolich said.

“Personally, once in my life, I would like to make a supercar. I am very looking forward and positive, and I have not given up.”

While historically, and currently in the case of Lamborghini, there’s life in the naturally-aspirated engine, the technological shift to hybrid power in the higher reaches of performance cars might make it easier for BMW to enter that sphere.

“I don’t think supercars into the 2020s will be V8s and V10s,” Frolich said. “Put an internal combustion engine at the rear, and an e-motor at the front axle, and they can deliver stunning performance.”

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