BMW iNext concept unveiled


The BMW Vision iNext has been revealed officially just a day after photos of it were leaked online.

According to Harald Kruger, BMW’s CEO, the Vision iNext answers the question: “What does a vehicle look like which no longer needs to be driven by a person but can be if desired?”

The car has two driving modes: Boost for human driving, and autonomous Ease mode. When operating autonomously, the steering wheel is retracted, and the front headrest can be folded back to allow for easier engagement with those sitting in the back.

Despite having a “generously sized cockpit”, the iNext seats only four people, with bucket seats up front, and a one-piece bench at the rear.

The interior has been designed as a “modern, high-end living space” with a patterned wooden floor, a panoramic glass roof, matte wood and crystal for the centre console, and cloth for the rear seats, dashboard and side panels.

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