billytt replies to: Taking a live blown account back to victory!!!


Best of luck.
A question springs in the mind, based on 2 fasts
1. That you are from the USA
2. You were perfecting your strategy for 1 years

How come you only trust/commit a meager 200$?
Of course, on the positive side, you loss of 124$ currently is peanut, a McD burger flipper can make that within 2 days.

You said in the end:
“Trade, Profit, Withdrawal, Repeat!!!!”

Just curious, what would you expect to profit or withdraw from this project?
given that 20% gain a month ( that would be on very high side on average), would bring in 40$….a steak dinner for one in a mediocre place, no dessert… kind a makes withdrawal unlikely, especially if there is banking cost to it too…

the comment isn’t about you in any way, just genuine curious where your reality lies.
of course all facts add up great if you are 16 yo, with a dream.
but me, just a year older than you, struggle to find the rationale in it this form.
if this reads offensive, honestly, not the intention behind the post.

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