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Drives: we’ve driven cars from across the spectrum of our industry – first up, Lexus’s new Jaguar E-Pace fighter, the UX. We’ve also taken a drive in the new Audi A6 Avant – the brand’s biggest load-lugger. Fiat has tweaked the 500X, with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine now under the bonnet. We find out if it’s a good fit. FInally, our full road test this week is the Jaguar I-Pace – is it Jaguar’s EV game changer, or has it lost the game to the Tesla Model X? 

Features: Three big-hitters this year, in our 90s special, we’ve picked the best vintage of the 1990s – 1994 – and take you through the picks of the bunch from that year. We’ve also got a guide on the best classics from across the decade which gave us the Spice Girls, bum bags and Jurassic Park. If that’s not enough, we’ve even got a piece on why Lada is no longer a comedy car. 

Opinions: Steve Cropley is on hand to take you through his week in cars. This week, he’s after, erm, a Harley Davidson. As usual, we have hand-picked the very best of your views, with this week’s winner calling for logic on motorway signs. Matt Prior takes us through why predicting the future of cars isn’t as easy as you’d think.

Our cars

The Citroën C3 Aircross has joined our fleet, so we’ve got the next few months to find out if it’s as charming as it is quirky. We’ve got the latest on the Ssangyong Rexton after its brush with a skip, and we throw the Ford Fiesta ST-Line and Suzuki Swift Sport into an empty car park and order them to fight. 


Don’t want to take out finance on a new car? James Ruppert is on hand to take you through the best used alternatives. A £36,000 Nissan GT-R catches our eye in the classifieds, while our used buying guide this week focuses on the Jaguar XJS. Get one for as little as £9500.

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