Audi ‘optimistic’ on Australian EV incentives


Audi is optimistic the Australian government will join the rest of the first world and offer buyer incentives for choosing an electric vehicle (EV) over an internal-combustion one.

Speaking to CarAdvice at the launch of the new e-tron in San Francisco, Paul Sansom, Audi Australia managing director, said he sees incentives for EVs as high on the agenda, based on a commitment from both major Australian political parties to meet environmental targets set out in the Paris Agreement.

“I am optimistic it will [come],” Sansom told CarAdvice about government incentives.

“Because there is benefits for everyone, in that, and it’s very much part of Government or opposition’s policy and commitment to the Paris agreement. So, I am optimistic that we will get there.”

Nonetheless, Sansom acknowledged the once-large gap between EV and internal combustion pricing is closing, given the scale of production and the maturing of the technology across the industry. Even so, he believes even if the price of the two technologies was comparable, the government should still provide an incentive for buyers to encourage further EV uptake.

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