Asp replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!


FractalFreak won’t complete the puzzle for you and more importantly he can’t.

He has posted a dozen charts with fancy lines with no decency of at least telling his worshipers which way the market would go yet one of his cult members here:

declared he called EU, what did he call exactly? Pathetic

To the rest of you suckers waiting to be handed the magic wand, ask yourself this truthfully if you could discern the movement of the market 100% all the time with some fancy indicator would you be on the internet? Lol you won’t even find me on instagram

This thread has exposed how pathetic most traders are.

N.B: Hairi I am quite disappointed, I did explain to you how best to use the indicator you created, if you had bothered to apply the knowledge you were given you won’t be here waiting for some saviour

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