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The Bank of England will have to decide who will help the new President to take office after Mark Carney leaves.

Anthony Habgood, who heads the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee of the Central Bank, is retiring in June. As indicated on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, interviews with candidates for the post of successor to Hagbud have already been completed, and a decision will be announced in the future.

As a rule, this position receives some kind of important figure of the city of London. Habgood included in the composition of the Board of Directors of several large companies. His predecessor, Davis Liss, led Tate Lyle, one of the world leaders in the production of cane sugar. The Treasury Committee of Britain has repeatedly criticized the Bank for the lack of diversity of candidates selected for this post.

A successful candidate will head the Committee responsible for shaping the regulator’s strategy. The Cabinet Secretariat considers this position (with a salary of 48,000 or $68,000 for a two-day working week) “key”, including because the candidate will have to ensure a smooth transition period when Karni leaves his post in June 2019.

The name of the head of the Supervisory Committee rarely flashes in the news headlines, although Hegbud not bad “lit up” last year, when on his behalf online pranker played the head of the Bank of England. Who does not know: the Joker was sent to Mark Carney’s letter on behalf of Anthony Habuda with the question of the image of Jane Austen on the new ten-pound coin. Carney answered him twice before he realized it was a prank. Pranker posted the correspondence on Twitter, the Bank of England confirmed its authenticity, but declined to comment.

Also Habgood was involved in several controversial stories. This is the case, for example, where the Deputy head of the Bank, Charlotte hog, did not report a potential conflict of interest in connection with her appointment, which ultimately led to her resignation, as well as in the investigation of a potential violation of discipline by employees.

The site indicates that the appointment of the head of the Supervisory Committee will take place in the spring of 2018, and officially the new candidate will take office on July 1. The Committee meets at least seven times a year. The structure of the Department also includes the General Secretary of trade Union UNISON Dave Prentice and former head of TalkTalk Dido Harding. Officials are appointed to the Committee for four years with the possibility of reappointment at the expiration of the term.

Habgood heads RELX Group Plc and Prequin Ltd. Previously held a similar position at Whitbread Plc and Bunzl Plc. Carney is also a member of this Department at the Central Bank, as well as Deputy governors of the Central Bank.

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