Alpine A110: Half of initial Oz allocation sold


Servicing won’t be limited to Brighton Renault, though, with plans to create “authorised service outlets” in every state. A second dealership will be added at some point, likely in Sydney, but the brand’s low volumes render a huge network unnecessary.

With 6000 back-orders for the A110 in Europe, the fact we’re getting the car at all is testament to how much local buyers love performance cars. Moore also admitted to lobbying hard, and leaning on an Australian connection within the high-ups at Dieppe.

“We’re pretty lucky that we’re actually able to bring the vehicle in,” Moore explained.

“There’s plenty of countries that aren’t getting it, so we were pretty lucky that the lobbying was done, and that the guy that actually runs the sales arm… has had a history in Australia,” he went on.

“We probably got a little bit of a leg up to get the vehicles in.”

Although we don’t have much of a history with Alpine, Australia has a long-standing love affair with Renault Sport product, something that also helped get our business case across the line.

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