Alpina XD3 coming next year, XD4 not for Australia


Above: The coupe-styled XD4

He later elaborated, arguing the XD3 offers something not available in the current BMW X3 line-up.

“We are always looking to be the top of the range, and for the moment in Australia – and in Japan and the UK – the X3 has only the 3.0-litre with 265 horsepower, and we will be offering the top of the range entry.”

As for the XD4? Cormu quickly shut the door on that one, quickly telling the assembled journalists it’s left-hand drive only for the moment.

Andreas Bovensiepen, Alpina CEO and son of the company’s founder, explained that decision was volume-driven.

“There has to be a certain business case… if you have a second variant, a second model, you have to pay for it,” Bovensiepen explained.

“Then you have to calculate if this is justified if you see the volume. I don’t know what will happen over the lifecycle, but currently there is no intention have the right-hand drive in the X4, only the left-hand drive.”

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