alexf82 replies to: EA31337 released for free


I notice you have -35% drawdown, about the same as I had on the Ironfx stp account.

I also suspect now that I have found the reason for the 200 pips SL on one account and very low pips SL on another account. I think it has to do with the minimum stop and the way trailing stop is set.

On the ironfx abs zero account (minimum stop 3, no commissions), the account has a drawdown at 10%, profit 49% in about a month (1000 usd account). This is due to the 200 pips SL issue + basket closing at 1% that I have setup on that account. The EA is running with 0.01 lots.

On FXOpen ECN + STP accounts (minimum stop 0) I had only losses with out-of-the-box v.1.072, so now I have disabled trailing stop and put the basket manager at +1%. And now it is making profits, though I will wait a couple of weeks to see if I can replicate the profits at the ironfx abs zero account.

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