Alan111S replies to: AmazingEA: Automated Straddle Trading Expert Advisor


Version 9.13 Released

02 December 2017
Version 9.13 Modified by Alan Prothero
New Setting TrailDelay
TrailImmediate Setting renamed to TrailAnyway
Fixed Bug where EA could move to next event too early and stop trailing

If you’re a licensed user and would like this version, please send me an email requesting it.

This is quite an important release. I fixed a bug where the EA could stop managing a trade because the Next News Event updates which causes a change in the Magic Number, so the EA ‘forgets’ about the current trade. So now I have updated how it checks what trades it has open and it is much more strict on this.

Be aware that the EA only trades once per event now. I noticed one client changes chart timeframe after the straddle is opened which causes the EA to reload and reopen the orders. From 9.13, the orders will not reopen! This also affects MaxSpread which used to wait 5 seconds before reopening but again the orders won’t reopen now. If anyone has an issue with this, please let me know.

The new feature TrailDelay allows you to ask the EA to start Trailing after a certain period in seconds. This allows the price action to calm down after a news event before starting to Trail. I’ve tried it with TrailDelay=30 and was quite pleased with the results.

Best of Luck!

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