60-unit Caterham Seven Supersprint sold out in seven hours


Caterham revealed, and subsequently sold out another retro-inspired Seven at the Goodwood Revival, the Seven Supersprint.

The latest limited-run Seven sold out, aptly, in seven hours, the brand announced. It’s the fastest-selling Caterham the brand has ever made; the Sprint on which it’s based became the fastest-selling car Caterham has made when it was released last winter, with all 60 units finding homes within a week of orders opening. 

The Supersprint is based on the same recipe as the Seven Sprint, with a three-cylinder engine under the bonnet, and 95bhp in place of the Sprint’s 80bhp. A limited run of 60 units, in retro-inspired paint, was available. 

Caterham claims that the Supersprint offers “the ultimate in gentleman racer style”, with a wood-rimmed steering wheel and small Brooklands windscreen. The Supersprint was offered in single or two-seat formats. The single-seat Supersprint features a tonneau cover for the passenger side. 

The throwbacks extend to the exterior, too. There are six paint schemes, each with a main colour and contrasting coloured ‘noseband’ around the front grille, with each scheme named after a circuit. 

Simon Lambert, Caterham’s motorsport and technical boss, said: “This is unquestionably the Seven Caterham would have developed if we had been here in the mid-1960s – and it benefits from being injected with the passion and power of the modern incarnation.”

Options include a tonneau cover for the two-seat Supersprint at £330, a windscreen and hood at £1995 and lowered floors at £495. The Supersprint starts at £29,995. Each car gets a numbered plaque on the dashboard. 

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