2019 Toyota Supra review: Prototype drive


That means the Toyota team hasn’t driven or interacted with BMW on the Z4, and the BMW engineering team hasn’t driven or worked on the Supra. And it definitely shows – the Supra doesn’t feel like just another BMW. It feels like it has Toyota DNA built into it, and that time was spent to ensure it hits the mark for the elements Supra owners of yesteryear are after.

While our time with the all-new Toyota Supra was limited, it’s really hard to pick faults with the drivetrain and its on-road and on-track performance. It delivers quick, lag-free acceleration, and gives the driver enough freedom to push it towards its limits without biting back and becoming unpredictable.

Now, the only thing left is to see what it actually looks like beneath the skin, and to figure out exactly what the interior will look like. Plus, the most important part, pricing. While it feels premium, it’ll still wear a Toyota badge, so it can’t be too over the top.

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