2019 Toyota Supra: Australian launch confirmed, here’s what we know


Chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada, said the goal of the Supra program was to develop a robust car that would reward the driver.

“Regarding driving pleasure, my target was to achieve extreme handling performance as a pure sport car,” Tada-san said.

“Thanks to Supra’s robust body and high-performance suspension, you can enjoy an extremely high level of all performance aspects, including acceleration and deceleration response, ride comfort and cornering,” he said.

Toyota’s testing stretched from the Nurburgring to the roads of the USA, where factors like boot space, noise/vibration, and digital speedo sensitivity were tuned. According to Toyota, 90 per cent of testing and development was conducted on public roads and public tracks.

Toyota Australia is excited for the arrival of Supra in 2019, with vice president of sales and marketing, Sean Hanley, confirming the development of this car and its characteristics will also trickle down into the rest of Toyota’s range.

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