2019 Renault Kadjar confirmed for Australia


Along with the Kadjar, which slots into the Renault range between the Captur and Koleos, the company is reportedly making good progress on the dual-cab Alaskan and compact Oroch utes, both of which have been on the wish list for a while now.

The new Arkana, or some variation of that car, is also on the table – at least, it will be if it’s developed for right-hand drive markets, which isn’t currently the case. Instead, it’s built in Moscow for the Russian market, and the Russian market alone.

“Our ambition for Renault Australia is to become a strong player in the SUV segment. We’ve already seen success in the popular SUV space with our top-selling Koleos and Captur and our intention is that in the future we will have an SUV that perfectly matches the various lifestyles of all Australians,” Moore said.

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