2019 Peugeot 508 Touring confirmed for Australia


Peugeot has confirmed the 508 Touring will join its sedan (Fastback) stablemate in Australia next year, answering the prayers of wagon-loving buyers across the nation.

Unveiled earlier this year and revealed in person at the Paris motor show, the Touring is a lighter, slicker successor to the current 508 Touring. It’s built on the EMP2 platform, and tips the scales at around 70kg lighter than its predecessor.

At 4.78m long, it’s just 3cm longer than the sedan and 5cm shorter than the car it replaces, but still has space for 530L of gear with the luggage cover removed. That’s down 9L on the new Volvo V60, and 30L on the current 508 Touring.

With the rear seats folded, you’ll be able to fit 1780L worth of junk. It’s worth bearing in mind, the rear bench folds 60/40, not 40/20/40.

It has something you won’t get in any of its rivals, though: frameless doors. Mmm.

Inside, the cabin is identical to that of the 508 sedan. Peugeot is at pains to highlight the storage scattered around the cabin, but we’re more excited by the i-Cockpit 2.0 instrument display – paired here with a low-set touchscreen in the dashboard, rather than the tablet-style display featuring on the 3008 and 5008.

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