2019 BMW X3 review


From the outside, the X3 is a good-looking SUV, though you can say it looks a little too similar to the previous generation and also the soon to be replaced new X5. But it’s important to note that this generation has only been in production since the beginning of 2018, and once you jump inside, the interior, the fit and finish, and the driver technology are first-rate. It rivals that of Audi’s Q5 and easily surpasses the GLC and others already mentioned in this class.

The BMW X3 we get in Australia is sourced from South Carolina, in a town called Spartanburg. The X3, X5, X6 and the upcoming X7 are also produced there. Nonetheless, BMW also builds the X3 in South Africa, about a 45-minute drive out of Johannesburg. Much like the American plant, the South African plant gets its engines from Germany, but the rest is all made there.

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