2019 BMW 3 Series officially revealed


The all-new BMW 3 Series has officially been unveiled at the Paris motor show, after a set of renders leaked overnight.

Measuring 4709mm long, 1827mm wide and 1442mm tall, the car is larger in every dimension than the model it replaces. The wheelbase has grown by 41mm, too, and the tracks have grown front (+43mm) and rear (+21mm).

In profile, it’s almost like BMW put a 5 Series into the photocopier and printed at 2/3 scale. There’s a prominent, linked kidney grille up front, flanked by headlights carrying the brand’s latest light signature.

The lights also have a small notch cut out of them, something we haven’t necessarily seen before. LED headlights are standard across the range, with a laserlight setup capable of casting light more than 500m down the road available as an option.

Rounding out the nose is a low, wide air intake flanked by LED fog-lights. M Sport cars get an extra set of vents set low and wide on the bumper, while non-M Sport cars run with a cleaner, simpler design.

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