2018 Peugeot 208 GTi Édition Définitive review


As for the steering and handling, the tiny steering wheel and darty dynamics make the 208 GTi a hoot to drive on just about any road. There’s good feedback through the tiller without being too heavy, and body control is composed through the bends.

We noticed the Peugeot tends to understeer when pushed, though, despite the grippier tyres and limited-slip diff. The ride, meanwhile, is quite firm without being underdamped. For those after an all-rounder, the Pug probably won’t be for you.

Particularly around town, the 208 picks up most imperfections, though rarely crashes over bumps. We’d argue the lowered ride height and larger wheels make it more noticeable in the Édition Définitive compared to the standard GTi.

Refinement, though, is pretty good. The low-profile tyres can generate a bit of noise over coarser roads without being deafening, while wind noise is well suppressed in the cabin.

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