2018 Paris motor show: Hits and misses


Almost every Smart concept conveys a sense of fun that rockets me back to the childhood joy of screaming downhill, holding into the reigns of a shoddily built billycart, praying to survive. The difference, however, is that Smarts are much better built and far safer than anything built from leftover and ‘borrowed’ bits of shipping pallets, school chairs and wheelbarrows.

This one doesn’t even have a roof, or most of a windscreen, and its an EV so all you’ll be able to hear are the shrieks of excitement from you and your passenger. It’s also part boy-racer, part serious roadster, and a little bit goofy bullfrog when viewed from front on. What’s not to love?

Biggest miss: DS 3 Crossback

As PSA Group’s prestige arm, DS has a lot of potential. The old DS 3 hatch started off on the right foot, so too the larger DS 7 Crossback, but this lumpy, stretched-out, mismatched pile of bewildering styling themes gives me a headache.

The shark-fin detail belongs on the C-pillar, not the B-pillar, the wheelarches look disproportionately small against the high bodysides, while the shapeless headlights don’t work with the rest of the car. There’s some interior elements that have potential, but it mostly looks like an out-of-date Vertu mobile phone inside.

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