2018 Mercedes-AMG S63 review


In this mode, the steering feels light, though still quick and offering some feedback. In fact, all the other key parameters such as engine response, transmission, suspension ESP and all-wheel drive are automatically calibrated for refinement and smoothness.

The nine-speed transmission is new, ditching the torque converter for a clutch pack, but it’s doubtful you’ll notice any difference just ambling around town. But toggle through to Sport or Sport Plus as the road opens up and traffic thins, give it a good solid prod, and you’ll know you’re in one of the most powerful limos on the planet, but not at the expense of refinement, mind you.

There are very few dual-clutch boxes capable of such sharp cog-swapping, and just like the Mercedes-AMG E63 S there’s a perfectly good set of paddles attached to the steering wheel that you simply won’t need to touch, so instinctive is the transmission in this setting. Again, the rapid-fire downshifts with accompanying whip-crack-like throttle blips are meticulously timed and aurally intoxicating.

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