2018 Mazda MX-5 RF Limited Edition review


To that end, availability is limited to 110 cars, and seven of those are the press cars made available to we monsters in the media. Those will eventually be sold too, so make sure you press for a good deal…

The RF Limited Edition carries a national drive-away price of $55,790, from a manufacturer’s list price of $52,210. That’s mighty expensive given the most expensive version of the regular RF GT manual – the ‘RF GT with Black Roof’ – is priced from $44,890 before on-road costs.

Still, here’s another perspective on price: in 2013, the folding hard-top MX-5 Roadster Coupe, with a manual transmission, was priced from $49,885 before on-road costs. That isn’t far off where we’re at for this specced-up special.

Alright, Mike, enough with the rationalising; how does it go? Predictably, the LE presents itself as a tauter version of the regular RF, aimed at buyers that might like to sample some lightweight track work with an enhanced package that steers around the burden of aftermarket monkeying-about.

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