2018 Maserati Ghibli S GranSport


Four years in, the contemporary Maserati Ghibli has had a 2018 facelift, complete with some massaging of spec, to maintain the lustre on what’s the affordable entry point into ownership of the famed ‘Saetto’ trident badge.

The choice? There are three different engines – two petrols with different outputs, one diesel – in a choice of base, middling GranLusso and high-spec GranSport trim levels, making for a nine-strong fleet kicking off at sub-$140K basement and scaling up to the $195,900 summit, where you find the Ghibli S GranSport, the steed on the page before you.

That this third generation is less a direct bloodline to, and more a casual acquaintance of, the svelte ’70s and boxy ’90s Ghiblis is old muck not worth raking any further. But it’s fair to say that today’s four-door remains firmly clung to gran turismo romance while it squeezes into an executive sedan suit, its refreshed and more aggressive nose job the only real talking point in the massaged styling. In GranSport trim, it’s slightly sportier and more angular than the softer GranLusso fascia, while the rump has also copped a massage. In high-output S form, the flagship GranSport sits on 21-inch wheels as standard.

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