2018 Lotus Exige Sport 380 review


At the very limit, it will begin to understeer, but that limit is well and truly beyond the reach of most common folk. Then again, common folk don’t often buy Lotus Exiges. Even so, it’s better for it to understeer, because for a car so compact to oversteer would be less than ideal. It doesn’t have the adjustable traction control of the Lotus Cup cars, but even so, it will allow a reasonable amount of play in Sport mode before it decides to save your life.

It’s addictive, but it’s also not easy to drive fast. This isn’t a Porsche Cayman that your grandmother can drive. It’s a firm ride, it’s noisy inside the cabin, and our car didn’t even have a stereo (which can be optioned). Then there are the pedal positions, which are just that little bit off, and if you’re too tall it won’t be comfortable. The steering wheel doesn’t go in and out, so that further limits the possible seating positions. But if you can deal with the firm ride and find your perfect driving position, like we did, it’s a case of having a sense or feeling of connection with a sports car that in this day and age is virtually non-existent elsewhere.

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