2018 Ford Mustang GT review


Using MyMode settings, you can configure preferred settings for powertrain, suspension, steering and exhaust, the latter featuring four modes – Quiet, Normal, Sport and Track – for its active valve-actuated hardware that’s standard fitment on V8 versions.

Which brings us neatly down to proper business: the revamped Coyote V8. An increase in displacement (4951cc to 5038cc), higher compression (11.1 to 12.1), freer flowing heads, dual fuel injection (port and direct) and a peak rpm lift (7500rpm) conspire to deliver an extra 33kW and 26Nm, for outputs of 339kW and 556Nm.

By the seat of the pants, it’s a more substantial feeling engine: more low-end swing, more top-end feistiness, and that four-voice exhaust, even in Normal, returns a rich, bold and stirring exhaust note. This new GT absolutely roars because, according to Ford, direct customer feedback made it clear the outgoing V8 was way too quiet.

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