2018 Citroen Berlingo SWB manual review


A longer L2 version powered by a diesel engine is also available starting from $25,990 with a five-speed manual or $29,990 with a ‘clutchless’ automated six-speed transmission.

The metal floor and sides of the cargo bay aren’t protected in any way from damage, with a low level of grip to stop items from sliding around. A comprehensive interior protection package is an accessory, and would be nearly essential for anyone not fitting racking to the rear of their Berlingo.

Up front, the Berlingo is ready to work with an interior stuffed full of storage.

There’s a lidded bin behind the instrument cluster, open space in the upper dash on the passenger side, a massive upper console, driver’s seat drawer, and a large lidded centre console, plus massive door bins. That means there’s no shortage of space for tape measures, quote books, PDAs, drink bottles, pens, sunnies, torches, tools, and anything else you need to keep you and your business running.

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