2018 BMW i3s review: Range anxiety and reality


First, good spotting! Secondly, there’s no guarantee a car will actually match its claimed range, as anyone who’s tried to beat the sticker on their windscreen will know.

Our idea was to conduct a lazy commuter’s real-world range test. Forget lab coats, the i3 would be subjected to mixed loads, a heavy right foot and all the heated-seat goodness you could want. Monday night to Friday morning, no charging allowed.

A few things become clear the second you lay eyes upon the i3s – for one, it’s still utterly unique. BMW has sold more than 100,000 units worldwide since its launch four years ago, and the car represents more than half the electrified Bimmers on the road, but they’re not common.

Whether you like the rambling window line, stubby nose and Transformer-meets-cockroach profile is subjective, but as a way to get people talking, it’s a home run. I happen to really like it by the way, especially in red and black.

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