2017 Isuzu D-Max 4×4 SX Single Cab Chassis review


As with nearly every vehicle at this end of the segment, the cabin features plenty of hard surfaces where you can belt your elbows, wrists or knuckles, but the adjustable seatbelts are good.

We found that even taller drivers can move far enough away from the steering wheel to get comfortable when you’re driving. Might seem like an obvious thing in any vehicle, but not all single-cab-chassis trucks were always this good.

The huge tray presents as an excellent workhorse accompaniment and features good, solid gates, quality side steps to climb up into the tray, a tough cage to protect the back window and useful, solid tie-downs. It’s all par for the course out back, but a quality tray is important.

The oiler is noisy at both start-up and idle, let alone when you crank it into the upper reaches of the rev range, but that comes with a point – it’s powerful. Under load, the noise increases, but so too does the speed – effortlessly. The D-Max has enough grunt to get up to highway speed rapidly, and the chunky torque figure makes getting off the mark easy too.

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