1,333 projects worth Rs 50,626 crores completed under Smart Cities Mission


New Delhi: 1,333 projects worth Rs 50,626 crores completed or under implementation/tendering under government’s ambitious Smart Cities Mission, the government has clarified. Overall projects worth Rs 2,03,979 crores have been identified for all 99 smart cities across the country.
The clarification came after a newspaper report indicated that only 22 percent funds were utilised in six housing ministry schemes.

“This is a misinterpretation of the statistics relating to funds released/utilisation regarding schemes/missions being implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, resulting in incorrect inferences,” a government release said.

“While funds released/utilisation is part of the normal government financial procedures to ensure proper accounting systems, it is not a true barometer of the physical progress and speed of the implementation of the mission targets/objectives. Most of the schemes have large capital intensive projects with a completion time range of 1-3 years for the project,” it added.

Government said that during the year 2017-18, while the total cumulative grants released was Rs 46,663 crores, utilization certificates were due only for the grants released upto March 2016, i.e. for approximately Rs 10,365 crores.  

The utilization figures, given to the Standing Committee pertained mostly to funds released upto 2015-16 as only this was due in 2017-18.  In fact, at the closure of the year 2017-18, as against the due amount of Rs.10,365 crores for utilisation certificates (UCs), actual UCs for an amount of Rs.15,403 crores were received in the Ministry.This figure also included some UCs which were due in the next financial year i.e. 2018-19.

Government said that under AMRUT, out of State Annual Action Plan (SAAP) size of Rs 77,640 crores, projects worth Rs 65,075 crores (84 percent) are under various stages of implementation including projects tendered and where DPRs have been approved. Close to 400 projects worth Rs 325 crores have already been completed and for 2,188 projects worth Rs 40,074 crores, contracts have been awarded and are at various stages of implementation.


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